Hardback – Learning to Live Loved
May 9, 2019
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Paperback – Learning to Live Loved


Learning to Live Loved is a journey of a fatherless girl becoming a Christian woman, carrying her emotional devastation and baggage into her Father-daughter relationship with the God of the Bible, as most fatherless women do. With fearless transparency, Delmesha shares the posture of her heart toward the Lord as she wrestles with the Holy Spirit, questioning the truth of who He is while trying to maintain a firm grip on her passion for the Lord and the Christian faith.

Delmesha provides a practical and clear process of healing from the impact of father absence—also free from religious dogma and rhetoric—that will help other women thrive within their Father‑daughter dynamic.


When a fatherless girl becomes a Christian woman, does she have the ability to authentically relate to the God of the Bible as her Father?

Despite her best efforts to be an authentic and fruitful Christian, how does she have the capacity to assimilate into a Father-daughter relationship with the Lord when she has no reference point for such a relationship?

Fatherless women have varied layers of emotional trauma and baggage from the brokenness caused by father absence. As confirmed by decades of research and analysis, this brokenness and emotional dysfunction is carried into every relationship she develops, including her relationship with the Lord.

In her debut title, Learning to Live Loved, Delmesha candidly explores her own fatherlessness and shares the posture of her heart toward the Lord as she wrestles with Him and questions the truth of who He is. With fearless transparency, she invites readers to experience her process of maintaining a firm grip on her faith and passion for the Lord while navigating through her brokenness and dysfunctional relationship with Him. Delmesha carefully examines through her own lens:

  • How fatherlessness can cultivate fertile ground for other traumatic experiences
  • Ways father absence can cause fruitful believers to question God’s nature and levy accusations against His character
  • The clarity you gain when you intentionally explore the beliefs that inhibit God’s familial connection to us as a present and active Father
  • How you can unravel the patterns that frustrate and prevent living in the unfathomable love of an invisible God
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